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Studio 3 is a great song writing room and fits up to 6 people in the control room comfortably. It has a relaxed and homely vibe, and everything is plugged in ready to go so you can get ideas down quickly and easily. Its fitted with a Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface, Quested S8, and Yamaha NS10 monitors,  UA6176 valve Channel Strip and UA4710d mic pre amps. The Bentley piano in the control room is always mic'd up and plenty of guitars, basses and keyboards other toys nocking about.



12 Core Mac Pro

24 gig ram

Pro Tools 11/12

Logic X

Universal Audio Apollo Quad audio interface



Drawmer MC3.1 monitor controller

PMC TwoTwo6 monitors

Quested S8 monitors

Yamaha NS-10M monitors

Beyer Dynamic DT-150 Headphones



Universal Audio LA-610 MkII valve channel strip

Universal Audio 4-710d 4 channel mic pre

4 x Unison mic pres on the Apollo interface



Waves Gold

Waves R-Vox

Waves NLS

Waves Supertap

Celemony Melodyne

Antares Autotune

Slate Trigger

Native Instruments Komplete 9

Arturia V Collection - 

                                        - Analog Lab

                                        - ARP 2600

                                        - CS-80 V2

                                        - Jupiter 8 V2

                                        - Matrix 12 V2

                                        - Mini V

                                        - Modular V2

                                        - Oberheim SEM V

                                        - Prophet V2

                                        - Solina V

                                        - Spark

                                        - Vox V

                                        - Wurlitzer V


          - Ampeg SVT 3 Pro

          - Ampeg SVTVR

          - Antares Autotune

          - API Vision Channel Strip

          - bx_digital V2

          - bx_tuner

          - CS-1

          - dbx 160

          - EMT 140

          - Fairchild 670 Legacy

          - Helios 69

          - Lexicon 224

          - Moog Filter

          - Neve 1073

          - Neve 33609

          - Neve 88RS Legacy

          - Oxford Inflator

          - Precision Chennel Strip

          - Precision De-Esser

          - Precision Delay Mod

          - Precision Delay Mod Long

          - Precision Enhancer Hz

          - Precision Reflection Engine

          - Pultec EQP-1A

          - Pultec Pro Legacy

          - Raw

          - RealVerb-Pro

          - Roland RE-201

          - Softube Amp Room Half-Stack

          - Softube Bass Amp Room

          - Softube Bass Amp Room 8x10

          - SSL G Bus Compressor

          - Studer A800

          - Teletronix LA-2A Legacy

          - 1176 LN Legacy

          - 1176 SE Legacy

          - 610-B












Bentley 6 octave upright piano

Fender Rhodes

M-Audio Pro Keys 88 fully weighted stage piano

M-Audio Keystation 49

Roland Juno 60

Akai LPK25

Waldorf Rocket synth

Fender Precision bass

Monterey Acoustic bass

Ernieball Stingray bass

Tanglewood Evolution acoustic guitar

Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar

Latin Percussion Cajon

Mapex Saturn Drumkit

Brady snares x2

Various Percussion


AKG C1000s


Neumann U87

Rode NT5 x 2 (matched pair)

SE Voodoo VR1 x 2 (ribbons)

Sennheiser MD441-U

Shure MX392/C x 2 (boundry/pzm)

Shure SM57 x 2

Shure SM58

Sure SM7B

Yamaha custom NS10 Sub Kick

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